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- Isobel Knowles, Phillipa Campey and I are finishing Passenger, a new stop-motion virtual reality film funded by Screen Australia! Passenger is an animated VR experience that tells the story of a migrant who has made the immense journey from her homeland to Australia.

- You can also visit, my joint site with Isobel Knowles for information and news about our collaborations.

February 28, 2019


another surprise!

 - installation

 - animation

 - interactives

 - biography


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It's a jungle in here Out In The Open 16

It's a jungle in here Dwelling 15

It's a jungle in here it's a jungle in here 11

you were in my dream you were in my dream 10

small beasts small beasts 07

Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth sharper than a serpent's tooth 05

What Big Eyes what big eyes you have 04

expecting expecting 03

play with me 02

small horrors small horrors 01



Clara clara 04

Mary doll stories 02

gillian gillian 01


nerve game nerve game 01

girlplay girlplay 99